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Had Air Lift V2 Problems This Winter?

Air Lift V2 Pressure Sensor Failure… sound familiar?

In the UK we’re not that used to extreme temperatures (extreme being below -1 degrees) pathetic really. So when the ‘Beast from the East’ reared it’s ugly yet cold head it seems a few of us didn’t like it. We had a blast in the snow but V2 manifolds did not. 

Unfortunately, we have been swamped with phone calls and messages regarding a common fault with the Air Lift Autopilot V2 manifold. PRESSURE SENSOR FAILURE !! ONLY MANUAL MODE AVAILABLE. This has been caused by the freezing temperatures and one of the pressure sensors in the V2 manifold has failed. It usually gives the value NA or a ridiculous pressure figure. This can occur in either one of the four bag sensors or the tank sensor.

v2 pressure sensor failure

Our suggestions (for prevention):

  • Drain your tank regularly 
  • If freezing conditions are expected leave your car aired up at driving height overnight. 
  • If possible insulate the manifold in some way. I know this may not be easy but it would stay warmer inside the boot rather than the wheel well.

The solutions:

  • If you are the original purchaser and the manifold is under 12 months old then you are covered by warranty. Hoorah!
  • Not the original purchaser or older than 12 months? Air Lift don’t want to know.
  • Buy a new manifold? £650 – £700 seems a kick in the balls.
  • Buy a refurbished manifold? £380 – £400 seems better but you only get 6 months warranty and THERE’S NO UK STOCK AT THE MINUTE.
  • Upgrade to 3P. You can buy it here. It has limited lifetime warranty!


    • We’ve seen some hero’s taking a hairdryer to their manifolds and in a few cases this has worked. Many though haven’t. There’s even stories of people removing the manifold from the boot and holding it in front of the heater vents in the car. We applaud you!






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