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Vauxhall Astra J MK6 V-Maxx Coilovers


Height adjustment front 20 – 55 mm

Height adjustment rear 20 – 55 mm

TÜV Approval


Vauxhall Astra J MK6 Coilovers by V-Maxx

Vauxhall Astra J Coilovers by Vmaxx. With on-vehicle ride height adjustment and factory-set damping, the ride height can be easily adjusted allowing you to achieve the ultimate stance. Damping is preset by V-Maxx to give the best balance between sporty handling and ride comfort for fast-road driving.

Coilovers V-Maxx Height Adjustable – GTC 1.4/1.6/1.6SIDI/1.8 /2.0/1.6CDTi/1.7CDTi/2.0CDTi/2.0 Bi Turbo CDTi

Height adjustment front 20 – 55 mm

Height adjustment rear 20 – 55 mm

TÜV Approval

Part No.60 OP 13

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What Fast Car had to say about V-Maxx:

“If you want to see any kind of improvements in your car’s handling then you’ve got to get things nearer the tarmac, no arguments.

In days gone by the wallet-friendly option used to be a set of lowering springs and dampers while the rich boys went for the multi-adjustable, turn-this-and-twiddle-with-that coil-over option, but V-Maxx have managed to blur this divide in an absolutely stunning way.

The spec sheet of their fresh on the shelf coil-over kit reads much like many of its rivals does and includes on-car ride height adjustment and springs that have been set for fast road use, while a two year manufacturers warranty and TUV approval sure gives the buyer peace of mind.

However, what sets these apart from the rest is their price – the range starts at £299! Now that’s a bargain.”

Fast Car Awards 2008